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Southern Motorcycles

Your safety is our concern

In order for automobiles to develop as a means of transportation that continue to provide the convenience of mobility in the future, it is important to minimise the negative effects of environmental impact, traffic accidents and traffic congestion. With the aim of achieving an affluent mobile society, Southern Motorcycles has considered this social task as an important issue and has been actively involved in addressing it.

Being in automotive business, Southern Motorcycles believes that something needs to be done for the safety of two-wheeler riders, the most vulnerable segment, after pedestrians, in road accidents. Therefore, as a part of our CSR strategy, we educate and train people on traffic and road safety rules.

We organise road safety campaigns and educate not only our staff but their children also. We organise learning programmes designed for school children about road safety.

In our campaigns, we educate and encourage people to use ‘genuine parts’ to avoid accidents. Our endeavour is to communicate appropriate use of the ‘genuine parts’ and hence, contribute to road safety.

In addition, we encourage our technicians to step out of the office to meet retailers across Tamil Nadu and update them on the latest technology and their proper utilisation.

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